Tuesday, 3 January 2012

OPI heaven!

OK - so far I've not been doing a great job of using what I already have but I've really struggled as I've seen so many pretty things - eeek! Although I did watch 'confessions of a shopaholic' the other day which reminded me of why I do need to do this.

So lately I've become obsessed with my nails. I am a life long nail biter but on occasion I manage to grow myself a decent set of nails which just beg to be painted.

My obsession with OPI started in May 2011 in Mexico where I managed to get a manicure from the Burlesque (the movie) range called 'Sparklicious'. It was love at first sight but sadly I had missed the run on that one, as all the movie ranges are limited edition. I have finally tracked it down for a decent price on Ebay and eagerly await it's arrival. Photos to follow....

So more recently I fell in love with the limited edition Muppets range and in particular 'Rainbow connection'. As before it sold out pretty much immediately and I couldn't get it any where :(
My lovely husband search high and low for me for Christmas but it seemed you could only get it at an extortionate price on Ebay. He got lots of strange looks from bemused shop assistants and I got two amazing Muppets nails varnishes for Christmas - ' Divine Swine ' and 'Fresh Frog of Bel Air' and they are amazing (sorry poor pictures).
Divine Swine  (left) Fresh Frog of Bel Air (middle)

On a rare trip to Westfield- White City, where I like to indulge on make-up Rocky spotted OPI heaven....

ahhhhhahhahahahahhahahah (that was heavenly music in case you wondered!). Colourcopia housed all 250 current shades of OPI but sadly not 'rainbow collection' we were again too late, until a very helpful assistant pointed me to the Nicole by OPI range where the new Kardashain Kolor range has 'Rainbow in the s-kylie' which is identical!! wooo hooo! In the space of a few short minutes I purchased 'Rainbow in the s-kylie', 'follow me on glitter' from Nicole by OPI, 'temptation' from the OPI designer series and 'It's my year' from the OPI Miss Universe collection :) expensive but worth it!

(Left to right) Temptation, Divine Swine, rainbow in the s-kylie, follow me on glitter, fresh frog of bel air, it's my year

What can I say I am obsessed!

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