Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Violent lips

I first heard about violent lips on twitter when Jessie J posted saying she has never used them. Intreiged as to what they were I did a quick google and found this site:


There are some pretty amazing patterns on there an I really wanted to try them out. At the time you could only purchase them on line and in really random shops, I got mine from Cyber dog in Camden, but now they sell a range on boots.com and in store (and they are cheaper too).

I bought - glitterarti in pink, pink polka dots and pink leopard print.

I've tried the first two and although I really wanted them to work I wasn't having much luck. The site explains how to measure your lips and apply but I found mine either peeled of the edges, stuck together or cracked as soon as they were on. I also found that when they were trimmed they were either too small or too big, there seemed to be no in between for me.I'm sure it is me as lots of people rave about them on their facebook page and twitter so I won't give up just yet. Has anyone else tried them with success?

Pink Glitterarti

but sticking together...

Polka dots, but I felt a bit like a clown in them

too big me thinks?

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